Are Swimmers Crazy?

Most swimmers have a love hate relationship with swimming. This is just the reality.

At the recent Golden West Senior Race series meet, I overhear conversations of swimmers full of hope and ambitions. Swimmer saying, “Man, I hope to drop a full 2 seconds off my time,” or “I’m going to get first place in my heat!”

This made me reflect on swimming a little.

A swimmer practices six days with 2-5 hours of practices a day, totalling approximately 18-24 hours a week. As a swimmer, dragging ourselves to that 5:15 am morning practice is horrible. It is dark, it is cold, and we are tired. And despite this grueling routine, swimmers stay committed.

I belief that we swimmers are crazy. We train day and night and our times only get better by the smallest increments. It delights me that swimmers look for the smallest improvements to make their lives just a small amount better.


2 thoughts on “Are Swimmers Crazy?

  1. I too can relate to the struggles of waking up at 4 in the morning for that practice at 5 AM. I’d go as far as saying I was also crazy in attending every single swim practice, as well as swimming every day for up to 5 hours per day. Anyway, great article Chad, and I hope to see your upcoming blog.


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