Monsters of the Ocean

I always love a great fishing tale. The ocean carries mysteries that most people will never be able to comprehend. It is such a vast place with unimaginable depths. One can never truly know what types of creatures lurk at those great depths.


Recently, I read a very interesting article from Yahoo Sports that described a monster from another world. A fisherman caught a 14lb lobster after Hurricane Nicole in the Bermuda islands. This ten legged creature was several feet long and seemed like something that could pop out of a horror movie!


The size of this lobster intrigues me. I began to come up with questions such as: Where did this lobster come from? Will all lobster become this large? Are lobsters in the Bermuda larger than lobster in other parts of the world?

This topic need a lot more research before a conclusive answer can be formed. But I would like to be the person who discovers the answer myself.


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