Surfing and Saving the Ocean?


Ever since I was a little kid, I loved the ocean. I loved everything about it! Every thing from fishing to swimming to surfing.

However, the ocean is slowly being destroyed by human waste. The pollution we create on an every day basis is killing off the ocean biodiversity. Even surfers contribute to the atrocities and they don’t even know it. The type of synthetic fabric that is put into the wetsuits of surfers are broken down over time. These plastics wreak havoc on ocean life. But one company has produced something to prevent further destruction by surfers.

Patagonia created a new wetsuit out of all natural rubber. CNN made a short documentary on their great product that helps save the ocean. It describes the technology and why saving the marine life is important to them.

wavesIt really delights me that a company is willing to spend more money on a product to help save the ocean. Patagonia doesn’t only care about the profits associated with their products. They want to create something that will preserve the ocean for many future generations.








One thought on “Surfing and Saving the Ocean?

  1. What an interesting and great company Patagonia is to be creating environmentally-friendly wetsuits. I always knew about pollution to the ocean, but I never knew that I contributed to it. Great article, Chad, and thanks for enlightening me on the subject!!


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