A Delicacy from Spain to America

Today, I read a very interesting article on CNN’s website titled, “Fishermen risk it all off the ‘Coast of Death’” where the writer describes the hardships of Spanish fisherman. The title of this article intrigued me for some reason and I could not figure out why.



The article open up by explaining the perilous journey that the Spanish fishermen have to embark on every day. They have to scale the cliffs of Spain’s Coasta de Morte to collect percebes, or Goose-neck barnacles. In Spain, these percebes are one of the most expensive delicacies on the market.



After reading through the article, I realized that I heard of these efforts somewhere before. It was in a YouTube video from The National. The purpose of the video was to explain the new market for the percebes in America. The fisherman from the west coast of America realized the potential of the little barnacle and began to harvest them. They worked many long hours on crashing cliff sides and surging reefs to collect the little delicacies.

Both these articles explain the dangers of these fisherman’s jobs. I found it very interesting that although Spain and America have very different cultures, people are attracted to what makes money. The perils of the fisherman and the rarity of percebes makes the barnacles a delicacy. I believe that there is always a risk factor involved in making money. The more danger one is put in, the greater the output one receives.



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