Its a New World Record!!

When I got this notification on my phone, I was stunned!

It read “11-Foot Marlin… World Record“. I had no choice but to click on the news update…



I was expecting to see a picture of some old fisherman who has been on the sea for years. I pictured the same image from when I was reading “Old Man and the Sea”. However, I was met with a pleasant surprise. The world record was actually broken by a little eleven year-old girl! She broke the world record for the largest Marlin caught on twenty-four kilogram test line. This event greatly delighted me because I would have never guessed that an eleven year old girl would be able to accomplish such a great feat. I love to go fishing and I love to hear amazing fishing stories. This event proves that if one puts their mind to it, anything is really possible!



One thought on “Its a New World Record!!

  1. What an interesting article! The ocean is quite an intriguing habitat for a bountiful world of life… we have yet to explore the entirety of the ocean, in particular finding the actual largest marlin! Keep up with these great posts Chad!


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