Why Deceive?

fake-1903774_1280For many of the students of today, there is a huge problem. It is trying to determine the reliability of an internet source. This “fake news crisis” spreads false information that can be detrimental to student’s grades.

When I read about this problem, I was wondering, “Why would someone do something like this?” So I created a mental list of questions that I would like to find an answer to.

First of all, what is the cause of the false news? Is it people spreading misguided information? Is it people trying to persuade others? Etc.

Also, I pondered: Are there any repercussions for the people who spread false news? If so, what is the severity and/or the punishment?

And my final question pertains to the students. What makes the students believe that ALL the information they read on the internet is reliable? Why don’t they question outlandish articles that are posted to social media or blog sights? If the answer to my question is that students are simply too lazy to research the subject, then I detest the student’s lack of motivation. If the answer is manipulative and/or shrewd literature, then shame on the writers.


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