What Type of People Reside in the Upper Middle Class?

Lucinda Rosenfeld wrote an interesting article titled, ” Notes on the Upper Muddle “, which explains the divide in society. The one concept that stuck out to me from the article was:

“To my never-ending amazement, she’d managed to home in on the only other child in her class of 25 whose parents worked in book publishing. ”

This excerpt reminded me of a common saying: “Birds of a feather flock together”. I believe that people tend to surround themselves with company of similar tastes, whether it is economically, socially, etc.

In “The Great Gatsby”, by Scotts Fitzgerald, the character Tom surrounds himself with the same kind of people. Tom’s group live affluent lives, are incredibly selfish, and place an emphasis on image. Rosenfeld’s child and Tom’s situation both prove the idea that like attracts like.




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