Welcome Finals!


Finals week… One of the few dreaded weeks of the year has finally arrive. This week is where many students reveal their true colors. High school is simply composed of two kinds of students, those who know how to get things done, and those who put things off for later. Depending on the group one belongs to, Finals can be a cake-walk or hell-walk. The students who have tried hard all year and finished all the work on time should be better prepared for finals. They put in the hours before so they don’t have to cram for the large test. However, the ones who procrastinated shall be punished with hours of studying and the ever accumulating stress.

This is best represented by the following quote:

“Work hard now and party later or party now and work for the rest of your life. ” -entrepreneur quotes

Those who diligently work shall be rewarded during Finals and those who slack off will suffer.


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