Is More Play Needed?

In class, I was introduced to a very interesting concept of play versus studies. Peter Gray supported this argument in his TEDx talk. A couple of the interesting topics that were discussed was the idea that children need more play. Mr. Gray correlated this decline in play with some horrible consequences. For instance, as play decreased, levels of depression and social anxiety has increased.



I believe that play has its place in a child’s life, however, I do not believe that school is the reason for its decline. There are many variables that contribute to the decline in play over the years and it cannot be pinned solely on school. For instance, the introduction of technology promoted children to stay indoors, or the increase of parental paranoia which prevents children from leaving their rooms.






But in some aspects, I agree with Mr. Gray’s argument, in some cases, that school restricts the amount of time students can play. Applying this concept to my life, school has taken my life over in high school. I am not able to hang out on school nights and only allowed out on certain weekends. School has prevented me from hanging out with friends with homework, projects, and laboratory experiments. It angers me that many of my peers suffer from the same situation as myself. I would like to discover a solution to this problem. Would it be better time management? Or less homework? Or less school hours?


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