Improve my Writing



I read a very interesting article by Beth Johnson recently. I really enjoyed the passage, “Let’s Get Specific”. I believe that this article can really help me with improving my writing skills and analyzing other’s works.


To begin, Johnson was able to describe very effectively what distinguishes a good concrete essay from a poorly generic one. The examples she provides through anecdotes of fictional characters achieves her purpose of trying to change the way the writer thinks. Johnson explains that the writers needs to include concrete details to immerse the reader in the story. Next, the reader must correctly implement abstract diction to keep the reader engaged in the story. And finally, the writer must use vocabulary that is at the reading level of the target audience. All of the writer’s ideas are very interesting and I would like to conduct more research into her techniques, such as: which teachings are the most effective and why? And in reality, how specific does one need to be before it detracts from the original purpose of the essay? As a hypothesis, I think that creating concrete details will be the most effective at hooking the reader and that being clear and succinct with details will create the most coherent story.


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