My Reflection



The aspects that I have written most about is in the category of delight. There are many things in this world that are pleasant and that motivate me to share. Some of the most used tags that I have used are “Ocean”, “Fishing”, and “Question”. These ideas all connect to my own lifestyle. The ocean has always been a huge part of my life and I cannot image who I would be without it. Every summer, every break, and every chance, I am try to spend some time at the beach to create amazing memories. Some of these memories consist of the fine warm sand between my toes, the salty ocean breeze gushing through the air, or the smell of the fresh fish off the pier. A reason why I always blog about articles about fishing is because it is one of my favorite hobbies. The fisherman lifestyle is intriguing and incredibly interesting. It conjures questions that I have never thought of before. An the final tag is question. When I am at the beach, I tend to question a lot of things, like: Why is the sunset so brilliantly red today, or why do the pelicans fly in a V-shaped pattern? All these majestic things that I have tagged in my blogs return because these tags truly delight me.

One of my absolute favorite blog posts is analyzing an article about old fisherwomen in Korea. This post covered the long tradition of old women who would free-dive into the freezing waters of South Korea to collect shellfish for their families. These women, called Haenyo, have kept this tradition going for many, many generations. I have nothing but respect for these old women who want to keep their fishing culture alive and I admire their efforts in trying to teach the younger generation their secrets. Every single one of my tags can be applied to this blog post of the Haenyo. These women are even more dedicated to the ocean than myself; And I would go even as far as to say that the ocean is these women’s lives. Next, these are women fishermen who collect shellfish so their family can eat! And the Haenyo’s techniques intrigue me – I always wonder how these old women can dive down to depths greater than 30 ft. and still function. I am really delighted by my personal connections to this blog post.


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