Free the Market




I recently read a very interesting article published by Daniel Jennings about Economic Freedoms. Jennings expresses that the United States of America has become much more restrictive in its economic trading and market. This concept really surprised me because I though that the United States led the world market in capitalism. One area in which I would like to investigate further into is what regulations that the United Stated government instilled to contribute to the drop of rank. Because currently, there are sixteen countries that have a freer market than the US, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, and New Zealand.

Another interesting idea that I thought about was whether or not a freer market is better for a country. Given the status of the countries ranked above the United States, it seems that the more free the market is, the more prosperous the economy. For instance, Hong Kong and Singapore lead the technological world and only the most affluent people can afford to live in these city states. Given the correlation from above, I believe that the US should try to free their market more to make the country more economically successful.


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