The Revival of Zines

journals-1031563_1920I just read a very interesting article by Jonno Revanche titled “I read zines to escape surveillance and clickbait. It’s the new teen rebellion“. The reason that I found this article so intriguing was because of one of the quotes towards the end.

” These products of teen rebellion stand in direct opposition to what older generations assume about millennials. Just years ago, people were saying that print was dead – that as a medium it would not be able to find a foothold within a digital landscape. But instead, it’s actually just evolved, adapting to the needs and wants of the people who access it. New print formats have appeared, it seems, out of necessity, and not just for aesthetic value. ”

– Jonno Revanche

This concept brought up a very interesting idea to me. There is a revival of many things that are considered retro or classic, but with a new 21st century vibe. This includes ice cream parlors such as Ferrels or the record players being sold at teen clothing stores. Vinyl records have even made a comeback according to an article published by Forbes Magazine.What causes this generation of teens to be attracted to old objects of entertainment? I just find these weird revivals interesting. record-player-150292_1280


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