California Farming


There is a very  problematic situation occuring in the rural farmlands of California. Natalie Kitroeff and Geoffrey Mohan wrote an article in the NY Times  concerning the Demand of Farming Jobs. In the article, the writers describe how there had been a decrease in demand of farming jobs since Obama created stricter immigration laws. Now that immigration laws under Trump have become significantly higher, the farmers fear for their companies and simply hope to break even. My response to this problem is answered with a question: Why is this the President’s Problem?

The purpose of the President to execute and enforce the laws of Congress. I find it comical that the farmers are complaining about their situation because what they were doing with hiring illegal immigrants was against the law. By explaining their situation, it is the definition of self-incrimination. Trump promised to create jobs for the American people, not for illegal immigrants. Even in the article, the farmers brought up a solution to their own problem by suggesting work visas or abandon their products that are not in enough demand to keep up with the market. If Americans do not want to work in companies that are used to cheating their workers, then the companies should go out of business.


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