Just this past weekend, there was a Trump rally down at a local beach – Bolsa Chica State Beach. There were many there who were in support and a couple of people who created heavy opposition. A great video that I saw that represented this inevitable conflict was recorded by TheInertia, an Instagram account.


I remember hearing about this conflict over the police radio during my lifeguard cadet training course. There were several cases of battery in which the police needed to make arrests and created an in-peaceful situation. I really despise people who try to disrupt the peace and interrupt any sort of rally. I understand that people have their right to free speech, but I do not like it when it interrupts other people’s right to free speech. I also found it very interesting to hear about the same situation from three different perspectives. I heard over the radio what the police were experiencing, watched the situation on video over social media, and then the news coverage. It was intense weekend.


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