Food Laws

This past week has introduced myself to a very intriguing topic of wasted food in America. There are millions of dollars worth of food being trashed every year. This topic was covered by a short video by the LA Times. The way the editors present the problem, it makes it seem as though the companies are the ones to blame. However I completely agree with their strategies. These corporations are practicing the technique of C.Y.A. – or Cover your a…. I see no problem with the companies trashing the food before the expiration date. These companies must serve their customers the freshest and healthy foods or else they could become a target of the law. If customers begin to become sick from “old” food that was donated from the supermarket, that market is going to accused of providing “bad” food. So these markets error on the side of caution to prevent any incidents from occurring. I would like to investigate this concept further, such as, other possible methods or legal loop-holes which would protect these companies and allow them to donate the food. I truly believe that these businesses want to help the people who are going hungry, but their best interest must come first.


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